Hello, we’re Eklipsa NET, a Creative web development Agency.

Passion for web design and development is what has brought our team together many years ago. Our professional and experienced team of expert programmers, web and graphic designers offers the best web solutions and support, understanding the unique needs of any client and his bussiness.

Selection of tailored and colorful projects.

One of our main ambitions is to offer a unique, reliable and representative solution that will enhance the corporate identity and in the best way introduce our client into the web site enviroment.

  1. EKLIPSA NET Solutions

    We offer the best web solutions and support, understanding our clients specific needs and expectations. With our experience and high commitment we provide high quality services and fast address all demands and challenges.

    CasaItalia Dajdaj
    Web development

    Our programmers are up to date with all the latest technologies and trends in web development. We have a long time experience in working with Drupal, Presta Shop, Magento, Word Press, PHP, Joomla, CMS and other platforms and supported applications, responsive design, cross browser compatibility, SEO and development of e-commerce and social network's services.

    Multioriginals Responsive Design EklipsaNET Responsive Design
    Web design

    Our creative team of web and graphic designers brings the original, unique visual identity which corresponds with the client's vision, mission and professional objectives.

    Makondo Dvemame

selection of some projects we worked on.

Over the years we have been specially dedicated to provide high quality services and solutions for many of our satisfied clients and their specific needs. Our work speaks for itself. Check out some of our designs that we are very proud of.

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Bros jeans

The "Bros" company was founded in Serbia at the beginning of the third millennium. Specialized in Denim, they wanted an energetic and active trademark since most of their customers are young people. Today they are one of the leading manufacturers of denim in the Balkans, with more than 50 retail stores.

Client: Bros

Tasks: Design

Link: www.bros-jeans.com

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Harrison Solicitors

Harrison Solicitors

They are committed to providing quality, because that is what their clients demand. Their ambition was to open the first International Law Firm in Serbia, and subsequently Montenegro. Today they are not the biggest law firm in Serbia by numbers, but they have wide range of blue-chip clients and substantial experience in head-line transactions.

Client: Harrison Solicitors

Tasks: Design

Link: www.harrison-solicitors.com

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Music Academy of North Jersey

We created a logo for them. Music Academy of North Jersey offers a comprehensive music education program through private weekly lessons. One of their most recent piano student received a full scholarship to attend one of New Jersey’s prestigious universities for music performance.

Client: Music Academy of North Jersey

Tasks: Logo Design

Link: www.musicacademynj.com

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Isel Inc.

For Isel we created a logo. International Specialty Engineered Lubricants, Inc. is a leading independent manufacturer of specialty lubricants. They formulate, blend and package their products at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

Client: Isel Inc.

Tasks: Logo Design

Link: www.iselinc.com

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The "CasaItalia" is a company specialised in leather furniture. They produce the best upholstered leather seating furniture. All their products are a result of experience and knowledge of the top furniture craftsmen and designers from Serbia and Italy.

Client: CasaItalia

Tasks: Web Design

Link: www.casaitalia.rs

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"DveMame" is a company engaged in promotion, production and sale of scarves for carrying babies. We have helped them to develop a brand that represents a blend of useful and affordable. We try to follow the ideas of two supercreative mothers, paying special attention about the type and quality of the applied technologies.

Client: Dvemame

Tasks: Web development

Link: www.dvemame.com

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Behind the "DajDaj" brand are, of course, two women - Sonja and Violeta. The idea to make eco and baby friendly cloth diapers came in 2009. This new generation cloth diapers are made of bamboo and manufactured in Serbia. A healthy, cheap, easy to use and adorable diapers.

Client: DajDaj

Tasks: Web Development

Link: www.dajdaj.com

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"Montprojekt" is a well known company for design and construction of electro-mechanical installations, production and trade of distribution plants and equipment for power distribution and control equipment. During their 20 years in business they have participated in many projects both in Serbia and abroad and achieved standards which are the leading guidance in their line of work.

Client: Montprojekt

Tasks: Web Design

Link: www.montprojekt.rs

All your needs taken care of

Acknowledging the power of web presentation and marketing we develop original visual style, funcional and useful web sites and applications that represent credibly our client's bussiness identity, expectations and goals.
With innovative approach combined with up-to date software and applications we insist in providing high quality services and the best web solutions and results.

Web consulting

Many benefits come out from having a proper and credible website, therefore, many aspects must be carefully considered when developing a representative and appealing web presentation.

One of the tasks of a professional website is to provide a unique identity that allows a company to position high within its business space and promote itself at its best.

Web development

A professional website is a fine blend of technology and creativity. Having that in mind, experience, skills and originality in web developing are necessery for mastering the art of building professional, elegant, and intuitive web design which enhance corporate and personal identity.

Website brings out the vision and ideas into reality with creativity, technology and marketing.

Online marketing

Website is a virtual bussines card and professional imperative. An inexpensive form of presentation available to anyone. Accessible and highly informative, makes a large impact on many people and bussines.

It can easily captivate the viewers interest and improve bussines goals. Web site must work and serve in creating the positive image of a company and the business objectives.

We are a passionate team of developers, designers and creative people

Let us introduce you to our team! Our web oriented community gathers experienced and enthusiastic members with different professional backround. We are a fine mix of web programmers, web and graphic designers, administrators, copywriters. We combine our knowlege, experience, creativity and ideas and provide original and professional websites.

We have a multidisciplinary skills

Our professional and experienced team of expert programmers, web and graphic designers offers the best web solutions and support, understanding the unique needs of any client and his bussiness.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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